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Download chapters for Shikeisyu 042

Feel free to upload them anywhere:)

Progress is sure but slow


10 responses to “Download chapters for Shikeisyu 042

  1. AZ says:

    woah thnx lad

  2. Rogal Dorn says:


    i would recommend you to post your releases in since its a site many follow and is a good database…..if you post them might have more ppl notice ur relaese..and possibly IF & when u might need donations for the raws etc, more likely ppl will donate

  3. kdom says:

    Thanks for finishing this serie I thought I would never be able to read completed

  4. Anonymous-kun says:

    Thank you guys ! you are awesome ! T__T

  5. RosutoKarasu says:

    Thank you for your work on Shikeisyu 042. Hopefully you’ll continue working on this project. We appreciate your hard work. Thanks Again.

  6. nogge65 says:

    Thank you for this wonderful manga. Keep continue scanlating, please!

  7. Anthrax says:

    So damn glad someone picked this up, such a great little series.

  8. Memory says:

    Any plans to continue?

  9. anonreader says:

    Although i doubt that you will ever read this, thank you very much for doing the work on Shikeisyu 042. Even though I
    ‘m sure that you don’t do it anymore, I still want to share my gratitude for what you had done.

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